Writing Submissions

So today is the big day! If you have read my “What’s Next” page, you will know that this month I’m participating in Our Lost Jungle’s Submit-O-Rama with Khara House.

I got a head start yesterday by sending out three sets that I’m counting as my October 1 submission(s).

Earlier in the day yesterday, I spent time writing haiku, a form I find difficult to master. Creating dual (or multiple) meaning out of so few words takes practice. Although I own a few hard copy reference guides, I also looked for help online. The haiku generator was a fun distraction.

What I would like to do today is take my camera out for an adventure. Hopefully I’ll be back later to show you some new shots. Here is another one from the other day on my walk with my leash-pulling dog in my other hand.

I love this leafy branch reaching out like a child away from its mother.

Happy October to you!



  1. Aww, love your description of that little branch leaning out– you’re always thinking like a writer! Congrats on starting the submit-o-rama with a bang, too!

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