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Haiku and Watercolor

I had fun making another book. Now to fill the inside, starting with some tea bag watercolor painting.

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Welcome to my Writer Page

Welcome to my new writer page. I’ve struggled with creating this one because of my already crammed schedule and the question of, “Do I really need another one?” The buzz from publishers and writing agents is that yes, I do. So here I am.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to give up the whatnot shop. My feeling is that I will keep that one running, but who knows.

While this is primarily a writer page, I’ve included information about other areas of my life, such as my theater background and I also intend to include my chapbook and other artistic creations here. If you are curious, click on a few links at the top of the page.

Yesterday I learned that it’s hard taking photographs while I have a hot dog on a leash.

No, not a hot dog.

Photo by ilker

A hot dog.

Here is one from my walk.

Fall is in the air for at least part of each day now. I need to remember to take my walks at that time. I am so ready to trade in my tank tops for sweaters.

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