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Our Lost Jungle October Submit-O-Rama Submission Challenge (with Khara House)

A class I am taking is eating up most of my “free” time, so I’m participating when I can.

  1. [submission]
  2. [submission]
  3. [submission]
  4. [submission]
  5. [submission]
  6. Thin Air Magazine – Five poems
  7. Dogwood– Three poems
  8. [submission]
  9. [submission]
  10. Ellipsis – Four poems
  11. [submission]
  12. [submission]
  13. [submission]
  14. [submission]
  15. [submission]
  16. [submission]
  17. [submission]
  18. Do Not Disturb – Sent to two literary agents


May Submit-O-Rama Submission Challenge

It’s time for a Submit-O-Rama with Khara House again! Yippee!

I am committed to the “Basic” challenge of submitting at least three times a week. (Bonus if I’m able to get out more than that.)

Let the submitting begin!

I am posting my progress below if you would like to follow along.

  1. Jelly Bucket – Five poems
  2. Haunted Waters Press – My story, “Cottonwood”
  3. [submission]
  4. [submission]
  5. [submission]
  6. [submission]
  7. Madcap Players – My play, “Virtual Reality”
  8. [submission]
  9. AcumenPoetry – Four poems
  10. Epiphany – Five poems
  11. [submission]
  12. [submission]
  13. Tin House – Five poems
  14. [submission]
  15. Prime Numbers – Three poems
  16. [submission]
  17. AGNI – Five poems
  18. [submission]
  19. [submission]
  20. [submission]
  21. Rattle – Six love poems for their themed issue.
  22. Black Warrior Review – Five poems
  23. [submission]
  24. Flare: The Flagler Review – Five poems
  25. [submission]
  26. Poetic Asides – Entered an assortment of Senryu on the website.
  27. [submission]
  28. [submission]
  29. [submission]
  30. Crazy Horse – Five poems
  31. Brain Child Magazine – One poem


Currently, I am participating in Robert Lee Brewer’s November Poem-a-Day Chapbook Challenge. You may follow my progress on my blog, the whatnot shop, starting with Day One.


During the month of October, I will be participating in the  Our Lost Jungle “October Submit-O-Rama” run by Khara House.

I am committing to “The Basic Challenge” of submitting my work to literary magazines at least 3 times a week during the month of October. However, I am going to try my best to instead complete “The Uber Challenge” of submitting to at least 30 literary magazines.

You can play along with me (or at least watch my progress) by viewing the list below, if you like. Thanks to Lara Britt for the template!

Are you in? I invite you to post a comment if you are.

  1. Four and Twenty Short Form Poetry – Three poems 
  2. The Bakery – Six poems
  3. The Brooklyner – Six poems
  4. Enhance Magazine – Three poems (Acceptance of “No Return” for issue 10, due out on January 6, 2013.)
  5. Kenyon Review – Five poems
  6. Crazy Horse – Five poems
  7. Gulf Coast Magazine – Five poems
  8. Lunch Ticket – Five poems
  9. Red Bridge Press – One short story
  10. Room Magazine – Two poems
  11. Green Tea Haiku – Six haiku
  12. Three Line Poetry – One poem
  13. [submission]
  14. [submission]
  15. San Diego Poetry Annual 2012-13 – Seven poems (Acceptance)
  16. Vine Leaves Literary Journal – Three poems
  17. Spark Anthology – Three poems (Acceptance)
  18. Contrary Magazine – Three poems
  19. [submission]
  20. Sycamore Review – Five poems
  21. LightenUp Online – Two poems
  22. Jubilat – Four poems
  23. [submission]
  24. [submission]
  25. Poetic Asides – Entered one poem into chant form contest
  26. [submission]
  27. [submission]
  28. Grass Limb – Six poems
  29. Harpur Palate – Five poems
  30. Neon Magazine – Four poems


      1. Not much submitting this week. I’ve got a house guest. But I’ve been hard at work with the 3 other October challenges, including Jane Ann’s memoir challenge. That has my blog posts double normal size. Ufda! Not to mention daily.

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